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Fourth Grade

At this age, you may find your child developing into a more responsible, self-sufficient member of your family. We feel the same. Our fourth grade students organically take on more independence academically, and begin to truly demonstrate successful, outward examples of good citizenship and personal responsibility.

In their studies, they become more comfortable with challenging themselves when they arrive at thought-provoking situations. There is no help from mom or dad as they research, write, and type a report, or create a diorama for their unit projects. They carefully analyze sentence structure, challenge their vocabulary, begin to appreciate literature and social studies, and explore science in a deeper manner. Beyond the work, there are also so many fun elements of fourth grade that are joyous, independent, communal, and enriching within their units.


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Becky Ford

Mrs. Ford seeks to instill confidence in each student’s ability to learn and grow. Student progress and accomplishments are a product of reaching for the potential within each student. Humor, fun, and laughter fill her classroom — fueled by a personal connection with peers and the teacher. One of the best predictors of a student's success —both academically and emotionally — is a feeling of connection. Mrs. Ford focuses on creating a fun learning environment and building relationships. She finds great joy and amazement in the accomplishments, maturity, and growth each child achieves throughout the year.

Mrs. Ford  has 15 years of teaching experience. When she completes a day of fun in sentence analysis, she returns home to her encouraging husband and enjoys connecting with her three adult children.