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Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade will be taught by Mrs. Debby Duncan, Mrs. Mary Jane Gilliam, and Mrs. Janet Reibenstein in the 2023-24 school year. 

This year maintains and executes our fifth graders’ responsibility skills, demonstrating and practicing accountability, organization, and respect. Social studies dives deep into our American heritage and history, as well as current events and Greek mythology. In Language Arts, students build on their sentence analysis skills in combination with Revolutionary and Civil War content. Their years of gained writing skills are displayed and presented in recurrent essays and reports, as well as rigorous poetry memorization and recitation. Science spans an array of topics such as weather and hurricane patterns, bacteria and viruses, dissection of invertebrates, and chemistry.  Fifth grade is a well-rounded year of arts, literature, science, math, and social studies that our students find stimulating and encouraging.

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Debby Duncan, Social Studies
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Mary Jane Gilliam, Language Arts
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Janet Reibenstein, Science & Math
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