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Rebekah Bailey

Mrs. Bailey comes to Highlands Christian School with a passion for education and the unique perspective that only comes from having been a teacher and a parent. Working as an educator, in daily operations, and as Early Childhood curriculum coordinator for Highlander School for the past four years, Mrs. Bailey understands that the quality of a school is determined by the quality of its teachers. Therefore, she is dedicated to working alongside her faculty members to ensure they have everything needed to provide the highest level of education possible.

Service is not new to Mrs. Bailey, having spent a portion of her childhood on the mission field in the West Indies and in pastoral roles in East Texas. She was raised with the worldview that service to others is a natural part of life, and she continues to live this daily. Whether shepherding her school children or raising her own three children with husband Kyle, Mrs. Bailey looks to the Lord to direct her path. “I am firm in the knowledge that God alone is my savior, and my role as a believer is to do everything to God’s glory.”

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