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Mary Jane Gilliam

“Madame Gilliam” as she is known to her French students, is a teaching legend in our community. She joins us from Highlander School after more than 50 years of teaching and serving as the Director of Language Arts Curriculum. She believes that learning should be a joy and that each child should feel that he or she can be a success. She encourages her students to be who they want to be, and has found that there is no feeling quite like the kinship between a teacher and a student. She believes that “controlling your class” is the opposite of what a teacher’s goal should be. A teacher should allow students to relax and express themselves, yet always maintain respect for themselves and those around them.    

The knowledge, wisdom, and legacy Mrs. Gilliam brings to HCS is immeasurable. When she is not teaching, Mrs. Gilliam finds great joy in her family and loves to read and dance!

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