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Janet Reibenstein

Mrs. Reibenstein’s ability to recognize, adapt, and teach children in the way that best fits their learning style is what makes her an invaluable asset to our students. With almost 40 years of teaching experience (the past 31 spent at Highlander School), Mrs. Reibenstein utilizes singing, storytelling, hands-on experiments, and written materials to teach science and math concepts. She is passionate about helping students find and embrace their unique learning styles. She nurtures self-acceptance by challenging each child to not compare themselves to others. Her passion for science and math is evident, but her holistic approach to teaching the individual child has made a lasting impact on several generations of students. Mrs. Reibenstein has a gift for connecting personal storytelling to reach the interest and impression of each of her students. 

Mrs. Reibenstein is a graduate of the University of North Texas (formerly North Texas State University). Outside of teaching her schoolhouse chicks, she raises eight ducks, 11 chickens, and two Schnauzers at her home. She also enjoys working in her vegetable, herb, and flower gardens, and is blessed with three sons, eight grandchildren, and eight great grandchildren!

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