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It is with a heart of gratitude that Mrs. Martyn comes to support and serve the HCS faculty and families by assisting in the office and substituting.

With decades of classroom experience and as a former Highlander School teacher, Mrs. Martyn has witnessed firsthand the profound and long-term impact of the Carden curriculum on her students, three adult children and grandchildren. 

Mrs. Martyn holds Elementary and Special Education certifications from UT-Austin. Additionally, she established a non-profit educational organization, Just Say Yes! As Program Director, she developed and promoted abstinence and risk-avoidance programs and curriculums to churches, teachers, school boards, health providers, parents and students across the U.S.

She and her husband, Jay, hold graduate degrees in Biblical Studies and enjoy discipling and equipping young adults in their faith journeys. The Martyns enjoy traveling, hosting groups in their home and spending time with their three grandchildren.



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