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Drue Johnstone Puckett

Mrs. Puckett believes in making learning as fun as possible, while holding high standards for her students. She challenges each child to tackle hard things in order to build work stamina and confidence. Having taught the Carden Method for almost three decades, Mrs. Puckett is a firm believer in its ability to teach high-level sentence analysis in a way that young children will understand and remember. After many years of teaching, Mrs. Puckett feels she will never stop learning, as each new class of students brings its own unique ideas to her lessons.

Mrs. Puckett is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University. Her prior teaching experience includes 28 years at Highlander School, where her mother (now in her 90s) also taught for 19 years and still remembers her students fondly. Traveling is among her favorite activities, with France being her top destination. Mrs. Puckett has a daughter and a son — both married — and two young grandchildren.

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